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Domain Knowledge of Industries in the Emerging Market

Today, Industry knowledge is vital for every business owner who perceives his business to serve as the world’s economic growth engine. Every Business Owner needs to plan carefully with proper market research, taking distinct advantage of emerging-market opportunities. As the greatest hope for growth in the global economy for the past two years, the emerging markets has become the darlings of the financial press and a favorite talking point of C-level executives worldwide.

ADITYA GROUP has working experience with these 15+ industries which acts as a pivotal role for their business expertise and domain knowledge. Explore these industries and download the reference papers of our work done in these industries. Thailand as an attractive destination for emerging market investments, due to it’s rich availability of natural resources, lowcost manufacturing, cheap labor cost and overall being a very peaceful country for operations. Business owners like you should consider Thailand as it’s choice for operation because of it’s rapid population growth, sustained economic development and a growing mid income group.