Case Studies – Tsutaya

“ A leading entertainment franchisor for movies rental and distribution. Business operations delivering movie to more than 251 branches nation wide”

The Challenge:

Tsutaya faces non integrated information. Each business unit work on its own data. There is huge of information throughout the organization but no one can use it for decision making. Inventory level is high and not fully utilized and it hinders Tsutaya to response to the customer and competition fast.

The Solution:

We are implementing mySAP ERP for Tsuaya. The preconfigured modules are SD, MM, FI/CO and BW

Many complexities were handled within this implementation which is planned to be completed in 6 months time.

mySAP ERP provide integrated information throughout the organization. It supports not only operation but also strategy tools for decision making process. It help shape up operation by it’s SAP Best Practices. Provide traceable information and analytic reports to management level.

The Benefits:

The solution help reduce sales cycle, minimize inventory level, improve inventory turnover and distribution planning, improve Financial and Accounting visibility and support valuable information for management to react to the market competition as well as improve customer’s satisfaction.