As a pioneer to provide business solutions in Thailand/Asia, we assist you in achieving ‘Just What you Need’ solutions
with the diverse services that we offer in Business Startups, Marketing, IT, Engineering, Human Resources, Travel Agency and Personal care
Design Ideas & Communications Aditya Interactive | Aditya Group

Full Service Marketing Consulting company, specialising in Design, Marketing & Communication to enhance your brand Image,

IT Consulting

A joint venture with a US based IT Consulting Company with specializes in Web & Mobile Application Development, IT Outsourcing an

Do Business In Thailand StartUp In Thailand | Aditya Group

Startup & Business Consulting for people to establish their business or Representation in Thailand / Asia.

Recruitments Recruiters | Aditya Group

Right sourcing of people on the right time. Do more, faster with fewer mistake

Cyber Security Arahant | Aditya Group

Full Service Information System & Security Services for Safe, Secure & Compliant Cyberspac

Organic Personal Care Products Natural Senses | Aditya Group

Exclusive and certified Organic and Natural Product offerings from Thailand for Hair Care, Skin Care etc

Engineering Solutions Engineering Solutions | Aditya Group

An EPC focusing on Energy & Environmental Solutions

Hire Me Andy Aditya | Aditya Group

Hire me to take up a regional role in Asia