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Natural Senses & Serene Senses
Beauty World, Dubai

‘ Feel and absorb Nature amidst Earth ‘ – That has been the goal of Earth Ventures Co. Ltd, a manufacturing and exporting company based in Bangkok, Thailand, launching successfully a new age brand of products under the brand name of ‘Natural Senses.’ Winners and Finalists of Natural & Organic Products, in UK and Hong Kong, the brand promises to bring to Dubai, it’s coveted range of beauty products.

The brand boasts of a unique collection of Pure Organic Baby & Personal Care products, sprouting from the eternal holistic and well being lifestyle of people in Thailand, exquisitely created to cleanse, refresh, nourish and protect your Hair and Body.

‘It is just a matter of time when most of the people will turn themselves to using natural and organic products in their daily life. Slowly people are getting conscious of a healthier lifestyle and craving for new products which could address their thought process of feeling good by living well. Our ‘No-Chemicals – Only Natural’ products do just that. Combined with finest, natural ingredients infused with proven benefits, the products promise to be an indispensable companion to anyone’s personal well-being and lifestyle. ” says Andy Aditya, CEO of Earth Ventures.

Inspired by the Natural Thai wellness and hygienic practices combined with decades of inherited experience and wisdoms of Thai Herbs, the Personal Care and Baby Care brand of products all the products have been manufactured with the highest quality of natural ingredients, truly organic through proper certification processes like USDA, SGS, EcoCert etc.

Amongst many other new products, the event showcased and launched it’s premier product ‘Pure Organic Baby Lotion’ under the brand name of Serene Senses which attracted lot of attention from potential distributors and wholesellers.

“Over the past decade, Thailand has evolved as a hub in the Asean for manufacturing of Baby Products and exporting to the western world, proving it’s qualitative value over it’s competitors. To keep up with the trend, we have launched Serene Senses brand of Baby Care products which promises to be an indispensable companion, adding value at every step to your baby’s growing years.” as Andy echoed his views.

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