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Top 5 Commodities Exported from Thailand

Posted at February 24, 2022

Situated in Southeast Asia, the Kingdom of Thailand exported $231.47 Bn worth of goodsglobally in the year 2020. Thailand’s economy is highly dependent on exports, which usuallyaccounts for 60% of its GDP. The country itself is a newly industrialized nation, with a GDP of23.41 trillion baht ($546 billion) in 2021, it is the 8th largest […]


How to Recruit the Best Candidates in Thailand?

Posted at February 18, 2022

Located in Southeast Asia and home to a population of 70 million hardworking Thais,Thailand offers various investment opportunities in Thailand and subsequently has beenattractive to recruiters. As an emerging economy, Thailand is considered to be a newlyindustrialised country. Thailand is an anchor economy for its neighbours Laos, Cambodia andMyanmar. Given the growth of digitisation, mobile […]


Overview of Thailand’s Startup Ecosystem

Posted at January 28, 2022

The startup ecosystem in Thailand has grown systematically as Asia’s hidden gem while attractinginvestors moderately compared to Singapore, Hongkong and China. In various ways, Thailand ismore developed industrially and is tied to the West commercially than most of the Southeast Asiancountries. There’s also a massive amount of inbound tourism offering investment opportunities inThailand. From the […]


Top 7 Critical Success Factors for Startups in Thailand

Posted at January 21, 2022

Thailand’s growing economy holds enormous promise for startups due to its strategic location and low-cost labour. But navigating the Thai market for unlocking this promise isn’t easy. It’s because more than any other global region, Thailand represents a grouping of economically, culturally, and commercially distinct regions. Investors and entrepreneurs alike need to consider the localization paradox facing startups in Thailand. […]