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Trade between India and Thailand

Posted at April 1, 2022

Thailand, the second largest economy in ASEAN after Indonesia, is an upper middle-income country with an open economy, a gross domestic product (GDP) of $503.5 billion and a negative 6.1 percent annual growth in 2020. Thailand is an export-dependent economy. Reports suggest that Thailand had exported a total of $226.7 billion worth of goods in […]


Marketing Techniques to Watch for in Thailand

Posted at March 25, 2022

Thailand’s spending on internet media is projected to reach THB 27 Bn in 2022, accounting for 32 percent of total media spending, while the share of television spending is likely to decline below 50 per cent for the first time. Thailand’s 2022 media spending will outperform 2021, supported by the reopening and state stimulus schemes. […]


How lucrative is it to invest in the Real Estate business in Thailand

Posted at March 23, 2022

References,100%25%20of%20total%20home%20value. How lucrative is it to invest in the Real Estate business of Thailand? In 2021, the Thai real estate market showed sluggish growth due to various factors, including the pandemic that has knowingly impacted most industries. While it’s true that buyers have postponed, delayed, or even cancelled their property searches and buying processes, with […]


How Thailand is ramping up its Technological Landscape

Posted at March 4, 2022

Technology and innovations have been playing a crucial role in Thailand’s recent economic growth. Today, all kinds of businesses are facing enormous challenges in adapting to technological advancements, which would continue to impact every sector over the coming years. A business in Thailand would have to invest significantly in various technologies for the purpose of […]