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Hire Me

Hire me to take up a regional role in

Engineering Solutions

An EPC focusing on Energy & Environmental Solutions

Organic Personal Care Products

Exclusive and certified Organic and
Natural Product offerings from Thailand
for Hair Care, Skin Care etc

Cyber Security

Full Service Information System &
Security Services for Safe, Secure &
Compliant Cyberspac


Right sourcing of people on the right time.
Do more, faster with fewer mistake

Do Business In Thailand

Startup & Business Consulting for people to establish their business or Representation in Thailand / Asia.

IT Consulting

A joint venture with a US based IT Consulting Company with specializes in Web & Mobile Application Development, IT Outsourcing and Enterprise Solutions primarily in the BFSI, Retail, Manufacturing and telecom industries.

Design Ideas & Communications

Full Service Marketing Consulting company, specialising in Design, Marketing & Communication to enhance your brand Image, Metrics Revenue