Category: Approach

Partner for Life

Normally our projects range from 6 months to 3 years, depending on the service needed. Since all our projects are taken on assignment basis, so meeting timeline for completion is more important for us than you, so that we can do more projects sequentially. We observe fast-track methodology for project completion which includes resolute project management, operation control, marketing initiatives, sales management, workforce management and pro-utilization. Once a project is successfully completed, we handover all the documents as well as all the intellectual properties to you. Even after the assignment is complete, our association remains with you, as long as you would like to have – providing unbiased advices, just as you need, whenever. ADITYA GROUP – Trustworthy partners for life.

Work To Grow

After we complete the Brainstorming phase, we are sure what we need to do, as the strategy would have already been completed for execution by then. In this phase, we formulate all the things, study As-Is scenarios, combine with our thoughts and industry best practices, develop an operational strategy to build your business. Whether it is for STARTUP, BUILD or PROMOTION of your business, our overall approach remains the same, what differs is the mode of operation and objectives meeting criteria. We engage our team with your team to put together an operational plan and go step by step to execute it. A fortnightly or monthly review plan is defined and reviewed by you, keeping in mind the KPIs for the project. We strictly adhere to the timeline of each project, keeping requisite quality standards and professional execution. We believe in working together is success.


Once appointed on a project, ADITYA GROUP team meets with you and discuss at length about your business vision, objectives, present status, what is desired, what is achievable and what would be best strategy to achieve the objectives in the best possible manner to ensure immediate business results. Since, mostly we work with small business owners, we always follow a top down approach by talking to the owner himself, as he knows the best what he needs for his business. We consult with him as his friend, philosopher and guide for his business, giving unbiased yet productive and cost effective solutions.