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We adore partnering with the new-age startups since we love the adventure in those big ideas. Our part is to support startups in their growth strategies by understanding their requirements, their markets and providing technical recommendations for their continued growth for building a healthy company.

Azure Computers, USA (www.azurethailand.com)

About the Company

Azure Computers (Thailand) is a subsidiary of Azure Computers Corp, USA. Azure Computers (Thailand) offers IT solutions and services predominantly to the Financial Services industry. It has a strategic alliance with Sybase/SAP to for their E-Banking product suite. 


Azure came to Thailand for establishing its presence in the ASEAN region and making a mark by growing their business in this region. Thailand being a totally new playground for the company, the company was finding it difficult to work out their strategy at the grass root levels. 


We partnered with the company and offered our services with respect to market research, infrastructure, and virtual director services.

Market Entry: We offered our consulting services for initial support for starting their business activities. We provided Azure with both technical as well as operational support with respect to Thai Laws, comprehensive market research, analysis about various market obstacles, total solution for their company incorporation needs, local market initiatives and everything which is required for setting up a company in Thailand successfully.

Infrastructure Development: We visualized their business while keeping in mind their growth plans for future years; we offered them our expert advice and assisted them in finding the exact infrastructure requirements for supporting their business. 

We also helped them in recruiting professional and skilled manpower. Since there is a huge demand for professionals and skilled workforce with the unavailability of good local talents, it may have been extremely difficult for the company in their staffing requirements. Getting you the best fit is our specialty. With two decades of recruiting experience, we helped the company in identifying the suitable candidates for their company.

Our team of experienced and efficient administrative personnel took care of their secretarial, administrative, legal and Accounting, HR & Payroll work. It is traditional to keep a team to carry out operations. 

Virtual Director: We understood that it was difficult for Azure, for having its expat executives posted in Thailand for monitoring its business operations, since it not just involves high operational cost but also requires a long timeframe for understanding the Thai market, its work culture, the potential buyers and so on and so forth.

We offered them with our Virtual Director Service and took up multiple roles for ensuring their success. We took up the operational role and acted as their representative in Thailand, focusing on their business development and overall management of their operations

With our expert consultation services, the company was able to overcome several obstacles which include ramping up business operations within a very aggressive timeframe, onsite-offshore support and local language support. We helped the company to achieve break even for this project within a short span of 8 months and the company now is growing steadily.


Today, Azure Thailand is leveraging its relationship with major ERP solution providers globally, for implementing a Retail Channel Enablement program for a leading bank in the Asia-Pacific region. The project offers assimilation of E-Banking solutions, integrated CRM solution, Focused Product Offerings, and multi-country roll-out in Asia-Pac.