Personal Care – Serene Senses, Thailand

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Personal Care – Serene Senses, Thailand

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About the Company

The personal care product dealers as well as the service providers, Serene Senses is an international manufacturer of beauty products. The company utilizes the innate and organic extracts from the Thai herbaceous plants, to manufacture the amazing products suitable for health care. The company is today a brand for the personal beauty merchandise, produced from the eternal and blissful lifestyle of the dwellers in Thailand. Serene Senses has established itself successfully as one of the best dealers in beauty lifestyle. The organized team makes use of the highest quality raw materials from all over the world, sourced and well researched, to give it a form of beauty trapper.


Thailand is a renowned land of organic and natural beauty products. The world famous plant extracts belong to this place. Thus, several companies since dawn have established its root here too well to allow another business overcome it. This became the much challenging factor for the Serene Senses Company. Along with the product manufacture, dealing with the same with equal sincerity was a difficult task. Rising the score from nothing to everything, along with the work management rose the workload altogether.


Entrepreneur Building: Start Up in Thailand has been a significant partner in building the business and setting its grass root in Thailand and all over the world. Through our control board of speculation capital raiser and financial consulting groups, we have supported in the execution of the idea as well as did our best in making the funds available. Through our Start-up Incubation and Consulting Best Practices, we worked for the growth and development of Serene Senses. Working as their right hand, we organized and executed their vision in a very professional manner. The work was timely managed.

Virtual Director and Sales Consultant: We have acted as the one stop marketing and sales consultant in Thailand for the business team. Working on business relations, team building, social awareness about the products, making sure of its availability has been our prime factor. The partnership has highly benefited in lead generation, sales execution and marketing strategies.

Through our wide team of supporters all over the world, we have helped the company touch every corner of the world. The brand establishment and source outreach was one of the greatest successes for the company.


Serene Senses have successfully turned itself into an international reputed brand. The distributors have offered their helping hands and are approaching the company. Advertisements, Supply chain management, eCommerce have allowed vastness in the world, through online as well as offline sources. Serene Senses has successfully established itself as one of the renowned beauty product business in Thailand, overcoming the stereotype.