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Looking for immediate Business results?: Netlink is now in Thailand

Netlink gives efficient business results immediately to all its customers. The company is a premier provider of Information Technology, supply chain and Business Process Solutions. Netlink has a highly trained staff and experts including architects, engineers, analysts, programmers and developers who provide their services. Over the years, the growth of Netlink has been phenomenal. It has exceeded 100% since the year 1999.

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About the Company

Netlink is the premier provider of technology and business solution. The company was established in 1999 and has a mission of delivering strong business results along with establishing a long-term partnership with its clients. 


Being a company based in USA, it was a major challenge for Netlink to get a foothold in Asian country by only serving the foreign clients. 

It was exceedingly difficult to reach other parts of the globe for the introspection of their problems by troubleshooting on a timely basis. This was the major challenge that the company was facing.


We assisted Netlink in working passionately towards achieving their objective to be a premier provider of Information Technology and Business Process Solutions. The goal was achieved primarily through our Asian Director Service model.

Asian Director and Business Consulting: It is the age old theory of success to hire the right person for the right job with the right experience. The thing to be considered while hiring is that the person should be highly knowledgeable with established contacts. The person should be capable of providing assurance to customers and vendors for the established management strategies. We assisted the company in getting just the right team.  

We helped the company in hiring Asian Director on a part-time basis with proper pre-requisites. This helped the company to progress their business in Thailand in a productive yet affordable way.

Before providing the Asian Director Representative we provided the profile and other credentials to Netlink.


Today, Netlink has 13 Sales Offices, 11 Operational Centers, 6 Delivery Centers and 3 Data Centers operating in 46 different countries. Currently, Netlink has 2000+ employees. It has received awards including Inc. 500, Entrepreneur of the Year, and Emerging Leader of the Year, Automotive Hall of Fame, Best IT Company, Multiple Client Quality Awards, Multiple Client Recognitions and National NPR Recognition.

Currently, Netlink has developed a prime focus on the following points after working with us.

Results-Oriented Delivery Model:  Netlink is one of the only technology solution providers who use a fixed bid model. Netlink has proven that it can improve its efficiencies and costs and therefore, it uses the 20:20 value proposition with its customers. The 20:20 rule guarantees 20% cost savings, and 20% improvement of services as a result of using the Netlink model.

Operational Excellence: Netlink has pre-built delivery platforms that enable and accelerate to expedite setup and reduce the cost for delivery across multiple technology and business domains. The process has a comprehensive and well tuned IT outsourcing process leveraging the industry’s best practice and framework. Also, it has a staff with a fine balance of IT skills and efficiently distributed geographies and underlying shared services.