Media Zee Entertainment, Singapore

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

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Media Zee Entertainment, Singapore


About the Company

ZEE, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited, is an integrated entertainment and media firm that produces, develops, directs and broadcasts content to be delivered to the viewers through satellites. It telecasts shows and movies, thus bringing cinema and entertainment to every home.


Zee aspired to bring Bollywood to Thailand, as it has globally licensed rights to telecast numerous Bollywood films. They did the basic research regarding markets, created reports, and finally, after 6 months of diligent hard work, they arrived in Thailand. But as it is a public limited channel, it required recognition. Popularity and rising against competitors were the greatest challenges they faced.


Zee had a relevant presence in Singapore and Hong Kong and aimed at expanding their network. We partnered with Zee Entertainment and provided them with all sorts of services, from developing infrastructures to event management facilities. 

Market popularity:

We represented Zee in events and shows, helping them gain fame and viewers’ support. They were now being recognized and loved by Thai audience. The popularity was enhanced as we started using their brand name in various popular television shows. Zee moved forward in Thailand rising against the competition. 

A considerable rise in the demand for Bollywood in Thailand was observed. Thus, the popularity and demand raised and Zee launched their first show under the brand name, Zee Nite. We provided all kinds of supports for the shows and events they conducted.

Operational support and infrastructure development:

Our firm provided the required team, highly skilled and experienced, for the development of the infrastructures. All the recruitments made were under proper check. We reinforced every detail excellently. We offered the required aids and technologies for an intense establishment of the firm and appointed the best team, faculty members and manpower for the excellent launch of Zee Entertainment in Thailand.

Startup Event:

Zee launched itself in Thailand through an event, ‘Zee Nite Musical Extravaganza’, which mesmerized Thai audience. The show included dancing and singing performances by highly talented artists. The event took place in Bangkok and was organized by our sister company, NIIFT Co. Ltd. It turned out to be a splendid start for Zee in Thailand


With our help, their Thai Bollywood launch was a hit. It is the only Thai Bollywood channel in the world providing its viewers with Thai-dubbed Bollywood films. Media Zee Entertainment has now become a renowned channel and media broadcasting network all over the world. It is well established in 168 countries worldwide, providing 30 different channels and with an audience beyond 650 million.