IT Communication – Servion Global Solutions

About the company

Servion Global Solutions specializes in CIM, i.e. Customer Interaction Management solutions which help other companies in providing first-rate customer experience. The company has a huge client base of about 600 customers and has a thousand establishments in more than sixty countries. The company’s solutions and products handle in the exuberance of 7 billion fax/voice/web/ACD/email intercommunication every year. 


Servion won a project with one of the Thailand’s major bank. The company soon realised that they needed to have their own branch in Thailand for the execution of the project or else it would become impossible for them to carry out the project because of lack of any onsite project control measures. They were short of time to get their branch established and started immediately. 


Being the company’s start-up consultant, we helped them getting registered under BOI i.e. Board of Investment license by our Market Entry services. This helped them get a continuous flow of foreign technical experts for the purpose of execution of the project. With the help of our counselling through the market entry services and a prompt service by BOI, they got the approval by BOI within a period of 4 weeks and began their operations shortly. 

Infrastructure and operations:

At present, we are also the infrastructure and operations partner for the company in Thailand. Being the start-up gurus, we do the visualization of the business for our clients. We always keep in mind about their plans for expansion in the coming 5 years. We advised and helped Servion   in finding the right infrastructure required for supporting the business plan of the company by our start-up consulting services. 

Manpower support:

High demand and low availability for good local talents have led to an extreme challenge for the foreign companies setting up their branch in Thailand to recruit and retain people. Handling cultural gaps and people management often become a problem for these companies. But, having a speciality in finding the right team for our clients, we helped Servion in getting the right candidates according to the company’s options and needs. 

Accounting, admin and operations outsource:

For any company, one requires having administrative people for taking care of the administrative work, secretarial jobs, legal, HR, payroll and accounting work. It is conventional for the companies to have a team for carrying out these works. However, these operations are not revenue generating and can cost a lot for the countries trying to establish themselves on a foreign land. Hence, we helped Servion in outsourcing these operations. 


Today, Servion is supporting more than 600 B2B companies and is handling over 10 billion Omni-channel interactions every year. Over the span of last 20 years, the company has implanted in-depth domain potential in Technology, consulting, system integration, professional services, and solution platforms.