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Phoenix Commodities Ltd. is an International Trading Company that focuses on global trading of Rice, Sugar and Coal business. Phoenix is considered as the biggest and reputed trader of rice in the World. The company’s headquarter is located in Dubai and it has branches in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Africa and India.

Export-Import-Phoenix Commodities, Thailand (www.phoenixcommodities.com)

About the Company

Phoenix Commodities (Thailand) is a global value chain manager of commodities in natural resources and food staples. The company was founded with the objective of becoming a key player in the field of global rice business. With time, Phoenix has grown far beyond this focal point with numerous partners in the commodities industry across the globe. 


Phoenix had the first coal screening plant setup in Thailand when the company wanted to diversify and get into the retail market. It was a major challenge for the company to get a foothold in the Thailand retail market. 


We partnered with the company and helped Phoenix set up their first coal screening plant in Thailand by providing them with the required resources.

We provided the company with the total solution in setting up the plant, manpower, machineries and implementation of the project. 

This was all done under the domain of Thailand Market Entry Services and Business Development activities provided by us. 

Thailand Market Entry Services:   We worked with the company and gave business incorporation details, business development advice with studies including market assessment. We combined our local knowledge with international experience to make the company’s effort fruitful.

Business Development: This is the key during the initialization of any startup project. Often companies who are willing to establish a startup in Thailand look for someone who can provide comprehensive support for suitable Business Development programs. We provided exactly that to our client! We have divided this into two areas including Sales & Marketing Consulting and Virtual Director Services.

Marketing Consulting: Through our proven methodologies, we hired the sales and marketing team for Phoenix and trained them for executing the arena with perfection.

Virtual Director Services: Under this domain, we played multiple roles to ensure the company’s success ranging from Business Development or Operational role as per the requirement. We managed and operated on behalf of the company and helped in adding clients and building revenues.


Currently, Phoenix has a large value as a trader of Coal in Thai market.

The growth of Phoenix Commodities over the years has been noteworthy. The company has grown to over USD 1.2 billion in sales starting from 10 customers. Phoenix commodities have grown to multiple commodities and also spread geographically with over a total of twenty-seven offices in eighteen countries. 

Today, Phoenix offices pan the regions of South Asia, South-East Asia, East Africa, the Middle East, Southern Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, Americas, Australia and CIS.

 There has been a steady growth observed in the Food Staple Business including Rice, Sugar, Grains and Feed and natural resources including Coal and Iron Ore.