Engineering – NIIFT Co. Ltd, Thailand

Every Achievement Begins with the Determination to Try

Among the fastest growing consultancies, Start up in Thailand, has been soaring high in the sky. It has been a passion for our company to help the dreams come true, to meet great heights!  As a Start up consultancy group, our part towards our client companies is to support their administration and build up a healthy rapport among the locals. We work on various projects and ease the foreign business in getting domiciliated, to find a good grip  in the Thailand market by finding the right boulevards. We strive to give the company our 100%, working on it as if it is our own.

Engineering – NIIFT Co. Ltd, Thailand


About the Company

The vast group of engineering and management consulting services, the NIIFT Company or the NCL has been a strong foothold for the construction industry. Working on big projects side by side with the clients concerned, the company has been successful in leaving a significant mark in the construction market of Thailand. The company is well- known for its efficient handling and timely work. NIIFT Company has worked end to end from strategic planning to fine execution. Technical expertise blended with adept and resourceful confabulating has brought the company in high demand.


In the country of rush and high marketing policies, Thailand, maintaining a healthy rapport along with the sharp focus on organization and time becomes quite hectic for a company, especially when the project is vast and the time is to a lesser extent. The construction industry is expected to deliver high quality and significant outcome. Thus, the workload doubles. Along with these, working on legal affairs related to the subject, with no probability of even a minuscule mistake, made the work highly challenging for the NIIFT Company or the NCL.


Business Development: The Start-up in Thailand has lifted the consultancy services towards the NIIFT Group till its edge of support, in every way possible. Working on common engineering projects, and sharing the load, we have helped the company head the crowd. NIIFT has been our collaborator and a distinctive start-up case with our Build Entrepreneur scheme.

Building the Entrepreneurs: Through our control board of speculation capitalists and private fiscal consultants, we have assisted in the execution of the idea as well as did our best in making the funds available. Through our Start-up Incubation and Consulting Best Practices, we worked for the growth and development of the company.

Financial Aid: Apart from raising funds and executing the business ideas to its sky reach, we have also worked on immediate Return on Investment for the company within a short period of time.


Today, the NCL has documented the key vogue in plenty of merchandise and market sections throughout the various services and base or manufacturing industry. Working with different industries of textiles and apparel, dairy, food and beverages, hospitality and management, the company has successfully gained respect in timely work management and worthy results. Together, we have yielded a unique combination of leadership, technology expertise and partnership to set an example for the world.