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Paharpur Cooling Towers, India 


About the Company

Paharpur indulges in the manufacturing of cooling equipment and has become one of the leading companies in a span of 50 years. The company provides products matching the international requirements and services. It is the only company which has integrated manufacturing with five factories for process cooling equipment such as air-cooled heat exchangers, cooling towers, and air-cooled steam condensers.
Paharpur’s faculty consists of over 2,800 highly experienced and skilled professionals and engineers qualified well in cooling tower application engineering, troubleshooting, erection, and designing.


Top management of Paharpur Cooling Towers visited Thailand regarding their expansion in the ASEAN region. The basic challenges they faced were setting up operations and infrastructure. The tactics required for establishing the new plants and entering the market were challenging and difficult to implement.


 We provided Paharpur with our services. We offered them operational services, aiding in infrastructural growth and market entry. 

Establishment of infrastructures:

We understood their requirements and growth design. We provided them with assistance in finding the desired faculty, manpower and technologies. Modern and advanced facilities and highly skilled professionals were recruited for every task. Our excellent guidance and experience helped in the firm establishment of the institutions they required for productive growth.

Visual Director Service:

We provided Paharpur with our visual director service, as we very well understood the difficulty of having an own administrator. We realized the operational finances were higher. Till their adequate exposure to the Thai market and a firm establishment, we assisted in every way possible by helping in the recruitment of skilled labors, professionals, and highly experienced team members. 

Technical and implementation support:

Our sister company, NIIFT. Co. Ltd. offered services to tackle implementation and technical difficulties. We provided the most advanced machinery and aids, helping with the popularity of their products and enhancing quality and quantity for meeting the demands. 

Marketing support:

Entering and exploring the Thai market, and meeting the demands of the customers is something we are experts at. We helped them enter the Thai market and recognized the great demand for their products in industries like sugar, cement, paper and much more. 

Because of the high demand in the neighboring countries for the manufactured products of the company, we provided our assistance in supplying.


Paharpur Cooling Towers Limited has become one of the leading companies producing cooling equipment. The company has been awarded the ‘Zero Accident Certificate of Honor’ from Sepco, ‘Safe Contractor Award’ from Alstom, and tremendous other honors and awards. Additionally, customers’ feedbacks describe how glorious and splendid Paharpur has become. Now Paharpur Cooling towers, an ISO certified company, also provides turnkey facilities along with manufacturing high-quality products.