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Startup in Thailand, the leading Startup Consulting firm, with great ideas and fresh opportunities in mind, has established itself well under the roof. We look forward to the 360-degree supervision of the companies and lend our helping hand to prepare the companies to outreach their sources. The top- notch and profound focus in every arena of business development, spreading it wide in Asia, recruitment, investment opportunities, initiating with a business or becoming their Thailand representative, our support team working on all such points, can save you from several problems and unnecessary time consumption.

IT Products – Integrated Retail, Singapore 


About the Company

The pre- eminent retail mechanization and technology service providing company in the Asia Pacific region, The Integrated Retail, enables the consumer involvement and retail sales through the Omni- channel. This has instituted seamless shopping throughout the region. The establishment of services such as Spa and Salon, Restaurants, and other consumer related goods, both offline as well as through e-Commerce, has been sky rising the company ever since. The company offers complete IT resolutions for the Point of Sale, Point of Service; Stocktaking Management; Merchandize Management and Provision; Customer Involvement; Mobility and Multi-Channel commerce and e-Commerce. The Integrated Retail is connected with Thailand as the Infrastructure and Operations Sector through us presently.


With the ever rising competition in the market of Thailand, it was very difficult for the Integrated Retail to set up firmly on the ground. All the more, Thailand is a thought-provoking land when it comes to retail marketing; with China playing appreciably well on the playground. The biggest challenge was to implement a highly comprehensive retail business, covering all parts of the store. Along with this, seizing the partners with the quality work, and winning the trust of the market was quite tough to focus on, in a very short span of time.


Infrastructure Validation: We have worked along with the company, Integrated Retail, hand in hand, solving every problem together. Infrastructure in Thailand plays a vital role in company institution. Working out all the challenges together, establishing the company as one of the leading company in retails, is today a successful ongoing business in Thailand.

Virtual and Serviced Office: We have worked as an advisory partner and aided our clients in finding the right substructure needed to support their business program through our start-up consulting services. Dissimilar to other serviced offices, we focus on offering an individualized functional environment with all- inclusive expenses for all the services at a secured rate.

Business Management: Management and Systematic approach is very important for every business set up. Thus, our company gravely focuses on this matter. We have provided our own Management services to the concern to get the start-up Return on Investment in a short span of time. We worked as the Representative Management to take care of all the functions of the company topically on their behalf.

Along with these, we have also given our best in every concern of this field, including the manpower support, accounting, and other customer operations.


Glad to describe so well, Integrated Retail has today become the retailer’s best friend. The trust of the customers on the e-Commerce and another such support has greatly risen in the upcoming years. Most of the part, which was once a challenge for the company, now has become the left hand’s play. The company is now successfully providing all the Information Technology solutions, be it supports avails or transformation avails, software or hardware, offline retailing or e-Commerce, Integrated Retail has now outstretched its business, joining hands with the uprising clients, as in Estee Lauder, Illamasqua, Kurt Geiger.