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Andy Aditya has been named the winner of International Achiever’s Award 2021 from Indian
Achiever’s Forum
for his Outstanding Professional Achievement and his Contribution in
Nation Building.

Indian Achiever’s Forum (IAF) has a legacy of awarding outstanding entrepreneurs and
business brains for years with this prestigious Award.

With this prestigious award, Aditya is ready to excel in his domain and brighten the country’s
name in the coming years.

“I feel honoured to receive this award. Having been recognized and acknowledged for the
work that I love doing, this award is definitely a motivator to work even harder and make
India proud. I congratulate IAF for such an initiative. “


Anindya Aditya (later known as Andy Aditya) was born in Kolkata, India. He migrated to
Thailand and started his entrepreneurial journey in Thailand, over two decades back.
Dubbed as a ‘start-up specialist’, he was instrumental in launching over 22 start-ups during
this tenure.

His entrepreneurial stepping stone was Startup in Thailand (SIT), a brand under Aditya
Group. SIT, is a start-up and business consulting firm based in Bangkok. Over the past two
decades, under Aditya’s able leadership, SIT has numerous successful project experiences
encompassing over 15 diverse industries.

SIT works on various models to facilitate foreign companies to find a foothold in the Thailand
market by making the right market strategies to achieve business growth in the shortest
possible time.

SIT is the only company in Thailand that offers 360-degree business services. They assist
their clients through the entire journey, right from the initial phase of start-up business
registration procedures to running the business operations successfully and handing over
the successful business venture to their clients.

Time frames, deliverables, and management procedures are all kept flexible and mutually
agreed upon with their clients, following the unified goal to succeed in Thailand. The team’s
success hinges upon flexibility, reliability, and accountability.

As CEO of the group, Aditya directs all executive level activities of this division and is the
driving force behind introduction and implementation of any business on behalf of his
customers in Thailand and in the region.

Aditya says that he has never followed the same model for all companies.

“Every ‘need’ is different, so every solution should also be tailor-made.”

Aditya thus goes the extra mile to work on designing different strategy models that facilitate
foreign companies who are trying to make a name in the Thailand market. Also, this helps in
expanding in the ASEAN by making the right market strategies to achieve maximum
business growth in the least possible time. They help their clients identify new business
opportunities or potential business acquisitions in Thailand in the most fool-proof manner,
thus helping them expand their business manifold. It comes as no surprise Aditya and his
company comes as the only company in Thailand that offers 360-degree business services,
fully customized.

This Award has emerged as one coveted award over the years that inspires and lauds
Achievements across Businesses & Communities. To know more about the award, click on
the following link:
Read about Andy Aditya and his company at
website :
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